12 Items To Pack In Your Dog’s Survival Bag

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In case of any emergency, you will want to have a dog’s survival bag. You don’t want to have to leave your best friend behind. A good-trained dog can remain with you as you seek out safety. There are many other benefits of having a dog with you. They offer you companionship and can provide you with some protection. So, if you are going to take your dog with you, certainly, he will need his own bug-out bag.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Dog Food

The 1st thing to think around when it comes to food is whether your dog is treats and prey based. If it’s prey-based, it’s probably able to hunt for its own food. This depends largely upon the area that you live in obviously, as some places might have a smaller hunt for dogs than others. Whatever that case can be, you may want to look at having a few spare foods for your dog.

For safekeeping, it is best to take as much food as you can. The lightest to carry is dry dog food and can be mixed with water. Pack whatever you know works for your dog and their needs.

Suggestion: Purina Pro Plan with Probioctics Shredded Blend High Protein Dog Food

2. Dog Survival Blanket

This will be essential if you and your dog won’t be able to get the best shelter to sleep in. The blanket will make sure that your pet will be warm and comfortable even if sleeping situations aren’t that good like on the streets or under a tree.

Thick blankets are more preferred since they can protect them from slight drizzles or snow.

Suggestion: Furrybaby Water-Resistant Blanket for Dogs

3. Survival Saddlebag

A saddlebag will allow your dog to carry its own items. A saddlebag can help your dog to distribute that weight on every side of them. You should select a bag that is waterproof. You can also bring plastic bags to protect the compartments if there will be rain.

Suggestion: Excellent Elite Spanker Dog Pack

4. Collapsible Dog Bowl

You obviously do not need to overpack your dog survival kit so you are going to need to use compact items that they can carry. When you go hiking or camping, you can take two collapsible dog bowls with you, one for water and one for your pet’s food.  There’s a large space saver for the dog bag as your initial concentrate is on space management so as not to give your dog an over bulky bag.

Suggestion: Dog Collapsible Bowls with Water and Food Containers

5. Extra Leash and Collar

Because we all lose essential things sometimes, particularly when it’s hectic, so it is important to have a more leash and collar and ensure to have appropriate tags and identification on the more collar.

Suggestion: Beebiepet Classic Collar with Leash

6. Water in Your Dog’s Survival Bag

You can purchase many emergency water packets or you can just opt for those contained in water gallons. There’re advantages and disadvantages of each. Water packets are much simple to pack and contain just the precise amount that your dog would need.  Purified water in gallons on the other hand is absolutely heavier to carry and the content may get contaminated once you open it. But you can refill them once your supply runs out unlike with water packets.

Your dog will require about an ounce of water for every 10 pounds of weight. Their water needs can increase if you’re feeding them dry food as well as when the temperature is warm.

Suggestion: Pet Water Bottle

7. Water Purification Tablets

These tablets purify the water for your dog to make it safe to drink. A portable water filter can be used for this purpose. You should use a few purifying water methods to ensure that your dog has access to clean drinking water.

Suggestion: Portable Aqua Germicidal Water Purification Tablets

8. Dog Tags and Collar

You need to have a set of dog tags and collar as a backup in your survival dog’s bag. It needs to include your name, phone, and any relevant info. If the original tag or collar is compromised, but the backup collar on your dog as soon as possible.

And also get your dog microchipped before you take them camping.

Suggestions: GoTags Stainless Steel ID Pet Tags

9. Medical Gear for Your Dog Survival Kit

First, if your dog is on any treatments and regular pills, you’re going to want to include those in their small medical kit.

For the regular additions, you can add bandages as dogs are good at getting loose of anything you wrap them in. If there is a wound, their reaction is to try and lick it, so something like this will keep it in place. You can use things like tight-wrap ACE bandages that work to the same effect.

Suggestion: FAB FUR GEAR First Aid Kit for Dogs

There’re other things that can be the best idea to keep, such as:

  • Antibiotics
  • Betadine or antiseptic wipes
  • Suflodene ointment
  • Tick or flea treatment

10. Treats, Snacks, Energy Bars

Aside from your dog’s daily ration for food, you’ll want to bring along some snacks and treats for them. Just like you, they’ll get tired of eating similar food every day so giving them some treats will help remove the monotony of their diet. Since most of these are compact sources of energy, it can help address their added nutritional need, particularly since evacuating may be a stressful condition for them. Plus the added energy spent on your dog’s moving more than usual.

Suggestions: Zuke’s Superfood Blend Natural Dog Treats

11. Dog Toys

To help your dog cope with the strange surroundings and conditions that they’re in, it would be of help if you can bring 1 or 2 of their favorite toys. This will help divert and decrease their anxiety and help them become less aggressive and irritable.

Toys can also offer a bit of comfort for your pet particularly if you’ll have to leave them behind in a shelter or at the home of a friend.

Suggestion: Kong Dragon Knots


12. Dog Bed

When packing for a survival kit, select one that’s light and can be rolled up so you can just simply place it inside the bag. Though this may be considered as a luxury, this can really be the one thing that your dog will want the most.

Suggestion: MidWest Homes Dog Bed



Your dog is an asset for you in a survival condition, particularly when you are prepared. A well-stocked dog’s survival bag, or bug-out bag, can make your dog stay safe in any emergency situation.

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