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My Top Southern Survival Food Crop: Harvesting and Keeping True Yams Through Winter

This crop never lets me down. Today we harvest one-year yams and I demonstrate how to keep yams alive through winter.

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Yams are an easy to grow survival food in warm climates. If you want a high-calorie crop that has almost no pest issues and will provide you with plenty to eat in tough times, the yam is it! These are NOT sweet potatoes and are NOT related at all. Yams are roots in the Dioscorea species. Sometimes called “name” yams, they are also known as water yams, the greater yam, and, in Latin, Dioscorea alata. It’s a marvelous and easy-to-grow crop. If you’ve wondered “do yams grow in zone 8”, well, the answer is yes! I am growing yams in Alabama, and in the past I was growing yams in Florida. I’m sure yams will grow in Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, California and anywhere else there is Zone 8 or warmer weather.

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