BEST RUGER HANDGUNS 2023 [Don’t Buy Until You WATCH This!]

BEST RUGER HANDGUNS 2023 [Don’t Buy Until You WATCH This!]
Ruger has a seriously good lineup of pistols and revolvers, but which ones are the cream of the crop? We’ve rounded up our fave Ruger models!
In a world filled with imported 9mm pistol designs, Ruger has risen to the top of the American handgun market over the past four decades to produce some of the most rugged, reliable firearms available. Naturally, many of those products are handguns, and they offer plenty of options for the now booming 9mm handgun market. One that should stand out for Ruger fans who concealed carry is the tiny go-to Ruger LC9s chambered in 9mm. As probably the most popular chambering today both in terms of capacity options and stopping power, I’ve gone ahead and listed five of the other best Ruger handguns chambered in 9mm today. Because Ruger has so many models and variations, there’s a little something for everyone, and you can’t go wrong with any of these. However, with a dizzying variety of Rugers on the shelf, picking out the best one can sometimes be overwhelming — luckily we’re here to guide you through Ruger’s array of nines.
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