Survival Gardening

Gardening in a Crisis: Survival Gardening 101 and What I am Planting

It’s time to get serious about survival gardening. Here is a quick crash course and a look at what I am doing to prepare.

To get Grow or Die for free, go here:

Then enter this code to get it as a free download: 3NWRM9PD

Use the free program Calibre to convert the file to whatever you like. Good luck. This link WILL self-destruct around the end of this month.

If you would rather have the paperback, it is on Amazon:

To get a free composting booklet, go here:

My other gardening books:

David’s daily gardening blog:


Survival gardening time, people. I am all about preparedness – are you? Plant calorie crops so you have plenty of survival food, then plant your nutrition crops to keep you healthy. Ensure you have a good water supply and COMPOST EVERYTHING! (

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