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This Incredible Permaculture Garden is a Backyard Survival Food Supply!

We started this Grocery Row Garden back at the beginning of 2021. Now it’s an amazing jungle of food, filled with roots, greens, fruits, medicinal plants and wildlife habitat. Let’s do a summer garden tour and see what’s happening.

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In less than two years, we transformed a patch of terrible sand into a lush jungle of food, recreating the tropical system we first developed in Grenada. Grocery Row Gardening borrows and builds on ideas from Stefan Sobkowiak, Andrew Millison, Geoff Lawton, Ernst Goetsch, Dave Wilson Nurseries, Ann Ralph, Steve Solomon, Bill Mollison and more. It’s a food forest / forest garden system under control, in neat rows, alley cropping fruit trees and vegetables, short crops and long-term perennials together. Consider it an orchard with veggie beds beneath the tree rows – plus lots of other plants for the pollinators and for medicine. This is a good way to expand on backyard orchard culture and raised bed gardening – and it’s full of life and new surprises every year! We do not spray any poisons in this system, instead relying on nature to be our natural garden pest control. The beds were fed with alfalfa pellets, chop and drop, Dave’s Fetid Swamp Water, Steve Solomon’s Complete Organic Fertilizer mix, biochar, lime, and chicken run compost – and they look great! Even with very little care (and complete neglect for almost two months), it’s still thriving and growing. We have a survival food supply right here – storing food right in the ground! All these roots, including taro, yams, cassava, sweet potatoes and more – are a storable calorie source we can dig as we need.

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