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July 8 Prepper Meeting on Food Preparation!

In this video we recorded our monthly SWMO prepper meeting. We left everything in that we could so people could have the content of our meetings without having to be there in person. Feel free to drop questions or suggestions in the comments below. If you have any other tips in regards to the topics we suggested please let us know via comment or our email

Class notes:

Used in this video:

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Butchering Smoking and Curing:
Home Preserving:
Economic Food Storage Strategiers for Disaster Survival:
Food experation website:
LDS Manual Download:
LDS Preparedness Manual –
Prepping group affiliation:
Local Bulk Food –
Mylar bags:
5 Gallon Mylar:
FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Machine with Automatic Bag Detection:
Jar Sealing Attachment for Food Saver:
Grain Mill:
Campfire Cooking Set:
Pressure Canner:
Water Bath Canning Set:
Food Storage Calculator –
Rose Red Homestead Food Prep Channel (Safe Canning):

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