Top Selling Everyday Carry (EDC) Items on Amazon

These are the most clicked on and top selling items on Amazon from my channel.
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Items Mentioned:
Emergency Candles –
Elind Hex Keys –
Tekton Precision Tool Kit –
Lumintop Flashlight –
Ratcheting 19-in-1 Screwdriver –
Rite-in-the-Rain Notebook –
Zippo Insert –
Lanterns –
Emergency Radio –
Pry Bar –
Olight i5t –
Charging Cable –
Utility Key –
Thunderbird Insert –
Bivy Sack –
Battery Bank –
Acme Whistle –
Pepper Gel –
Fenix LD02 –
Maxpedition Fatty –
Tomtoc Sling –
Gerber Prybrid x –
32-in-1 Screwdriver –
Ranger Bands –
Mini Survival Kit –

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Camera Gear I Use:
Sony Fx3 –
Sony a6600 –
Sony 35mm GM –
Sigma 16mm Lens –
Tamron 11-20mm –
Atomos Ninja V Monitor –

Audio Gear:
Mix Pre6 II Audio Interface –
Electro-voice RE20 –
Rode NTG-5 –
Stellar X2 Vintage –
Rode PSA1 Boom Arm –
XLR Cables –

Falcon Eyes RX-24TD II –
Falcon Eyes RX-12TD –

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