Survival Gardening

Come Tour Our Indoor Survival Garden – January 2021

Snow covers the outside landscape and yet we have a productive little paradise right inside our home. Our indoor survival garden is designed to provide us with a variety of fresh greens, fruits, and vegetables year-round.

In this video, we show you how we have transformed a small room into a productive garden to supplement our stored foods. We review some of the lighting options that we are experimenting with and show you the great progress that we have made in less than a year.

Learn more about growing an indoor survival garden at the Provident Prepper.

Links to the various lighting options we are using are below.

Unit Farm UFL3000 LED grow light

Wakyme J-1000 2×4 dimmable grow light

Spider Farmer
Use the promo code: PROVIDENT for 3 percent off

Linkable LED utility shop light

5000K fluorescent lamps

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