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Container Survival Garden ANYONE CAN DO THIS! | Prepper Victory Garden | Mom Vlog

Welcome! In today’s video we show you how we are building up our 2022 Container Survival Garden! We are growing in a growbag/ container system this year which helps with weeding issues and watering. Another great benefit of growbags and containers is that you can move the containers wherever you need them to be! You can also have much better control of pests and fertilize directly in place! So far, we have planted strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, lots of greens, yellow and red potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, lots of flowers and green beans. This system is super fun and easy! If you have back issues you could easily put your containers up onto something so it would be easier on your back. If your a busy mom or grandma but you really want to be able to enjoy growing food with your children this is a wonderful option! This method of growing allows you to grow an abundance of food in very small spaces! I hope that something in this video was a blessing to you today! Remember to LOVE YOUR PEOPLE, DO ALL THE THINGS, and REJOICE IN THE LORD!~Texas Mom
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