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Discreet Prepper – Food Containers For Survival Packs

Hey Youtube! Here is a video from the Discreet Prepper “Tips & Tricks” department.

Here is an idea for any of you trying to figure out what types of food to pack for an emergency. If you were on the go with no time to stop, prepare and heat up food, I would recommend Clif Bars and Pop Tarts. The other ideas are for when you make camp and you need a real meal. What I bring with me is light, good to eat, can be used in a variety of ways and doesn’t take up too much room. You can mix and match different foods together to make more interesting meals in the wild. I did not show that I also carry cooking oil, pop tarts, beans and a few cans of chicken in the back pack. This combination should give my family enough food for at least 2 weeks. Along the way, I would be looking for any type of supplementary food to make mine last as long as possible. If I were you, I would add a plastic measuring cup to your pack so you can add the right amount of water in your pack. I put a flat skillet along one side of the pack, a large camping pot in the bottom and I pack all the food in the big pot. All the utensils I slide into the corners. I also have a small strainer in the pack so I can strain the rice.

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