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Disturbing Reports! Europe Is Running Out Of Food. Russia Is Burning. Prep Harder Than Ever Before!

Energy prices in Europe are becoming too high to produce food. One of the biggest food producers in France, Cofigeo, has closed down it’s factories, reducing it’s food production by 80%.
Factories in Russia are burning.
Putin is offering Ukraine a ceasefire?
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Hello and a warm welcome to my YouTube channel. I am a prepper from North-Eastern part of Europe, more precisely from the Republic of Estonia. I am here on YouTube to spread the message of prepping and share with you guys some of the most important news no one is talking about, to discuss them from the Eastern-European perspective and to give you guys different prepping tips.

Many listeners have asked me why my YouTube channel is faceless. All I can really tell you is that I have my reasons for this, my goal here is not to become a celebrity or an artist, I simply want to spread the message of prepping and talk about important things so I’ll be simply making podcasts here. At least for now.

Times in Europe are, to put mildly, dire and privacy is one of the few things that could be worth more than gold, when SHTF. So right now, facelessness is simply the concept on the basis of which this channel will be functioning.

My native language is Estonian, but I’ll be making my videos in English to reach a wider audience, because the message I’m spreading is important. You have to always keep that in mind because since English is not a language I grew up with, in fact I learned it at school, I’ll be probably making some mistakes while talking. Obviously I’m trying to improve all the time but if you hear any mistakes, that are really annoying or prevent you from understanding or you would like to simply help me out, let me know.

If you like my content, please hit the subscribe button on this channel and the notification bell.
Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas about my videos, about this channel, about the topics you would like to hear more about, please let me know by commenting or contacting me directly.

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