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WWIII Victory Garden Challenge: Food Security From Your Own Backyard

We challenge you to join us as we plant our WWIII Survival Garden. Take control of your food security regardless of the challenges in our future by growing some of your own food.

You can bless our community by sending us pictures or videos of your WWIII Survival Garden. We would love to learn from your successes and your mistakes. Help us as we all learn together how to grow our own food at home.

To send us your photos or videos, please reach out to us through our website contact page

The fantastic seed vaults that we shared in today’s video come from Survival Garden Seeds. You can learn more at Remember to use the promo code: PROVIDENTPREPPER for 10% off of your order.

You can learn more about growing your own food at

Biointensive Victory Gardens: Higher Yields with Less Work

Best Strategies for Growing a Reliable Survival Garden

How to Grow an Indoor Survival Garden

We Survived on Food Storage and Garden Produce for 90 Days

A special thanks to those who contributed photos to today’s video! You guys are part of the solution!

Thanks for being part of the solution!


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