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PREPPER PANTRY – Stock up by DEHYDRATING your favorite foods! Space saving & super easy! #prepare

I love canning, but I also love dehydrating. I bought my dehydrator in 2020 and since then I have dehydrated tons of things for long term food storage that are staples in our family’s menu. In this video, I show you some of those items:

• Diced Potatoes O’Brien (breakfast potatoes) – from frozen
• Mixed Vegetables – from frozen
• Garden Peas – from frozen
• Peppers & Onions – from frozen
• Scalloped Potatoes
• Mushrooms

I also talk about dehydrating your summer’s harvest from the garden, as well as delicious dehydrated snacks like fruit leathers.

I’ll include some affiliate links below for products I recommend.

This is the dehydrator I have:
This is a great budget-friendly option:
I use these in my dehydrator for making things like fruit leathers:

For all things dehydrating, I HIGHLY recommend @ThePurposefulPantry . She has wonderful advice, tips, and tricks about dehydrating — things you should and can do, things you should avoid, etc. Also, lots of items you may never even have thought to dehydrate.

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