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As inflation hits record highs, diesel shortages are imminent, supply chain disruptions are likely, and hyper inflation is well on its way, now more than ever we all must make sure our families have everything that they need. Winter is coming, and so is cold and flu season. We need to secure necessary over the counter medications, and essential vitamins and minerals, while they are still available, and relatively affordable.

If we take the time to look at our local big box stores, like Target, Walmart, Costco, BJ’s, Sam’s Club and the like; look for off-brand or generic brands… and shop on sale, with coupons, we can maximize our buying power. We can use these tips to stretch every dollar, and really load up our Prepper Pantry, our first aid kits, and our family’s medicine chest.

Starting with preventative, daily vitamins and supplements, combined with immune system boosters, for kids and adults alike, we can stay healthy to avoid cold and flu. We can stock our pantry with healthy foods, get fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of exercise to help stay healthy too. We should have healthy stocks of all the over the counter medicines that our family uses regularly… when we get a cold, flu, cough, allergic reaction, etc… or have some sort of injury, sprain, muscle soreness, arthritis flare up, etc.

Whatever your family’s specific medicinal needs, both regularly and historically, it’s high time to prepare for the hard times that are on the way.

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Pray for the Best… Prepare for the Rest.
Stay safe out there, Warriors

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