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How To Ensure Your Food Forest Feeds You Fast (And Becomes Your Backyard Emergency Food Supply)

Instead of waiting for YEARS, here’s how you start reaping in MONTHS!

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Today we cover how to grow a survival food forest, increasing calories right from the beginning. A food forest system can take years to start producing; however, if you plant calorie crops right from the beginning, your food forest become a survival garden. Instead of waiting on fruit and nuts, you have food when you need it. If you’re worried about supply lines, gas shortages, a survival food supply, and how many calories you need to live – this is the way to grow food fast! Plant those root crops! Even in a temperate climate food forest, you can grow potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, turnips, rutabagas, carrots, parsnips, mangels, beets, onions, garlic and more. In a tropical food forest, you can plant bananas, plantains, yams, sweet potatoes, yacon, taro, eddoes, cassava, arrowroot, cannas, ginger, turmeric and more, getting calories and medicine in the ground as you wait for your trees to produce. Let your garden become your emergency food supply!

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