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Potato Flakes: Super Scrumptious Survival Food Storage Staple

We recently received an email from one of our readers named Maren. She is doing a great job building her food storage and wanted to know what she could do with potato flakes in addition to making mashed potatoes and thickening soups. We love our readers and appreciate the feedback. Maren, this one is for you.

How can I turn stored potato flakes into interesting and delicious meals?

Potato flakes are highly versatile because they do not have ingredients added that change the flavor and limit your options. In addition to creating delicious mashed potatoes, potato flakes can be used to:
1. Thicken gravies, sauces, and soups
2. Create a delicious crispy coating for fried meats and vegetables
3. Replace the binder and filler in your favorite meatloaf or meatball recipe
4. Produce a lighter, fluffier texture in bread and other baked goods

In this video, we are discussing potato flakes. They are quite different from potato gems, potato pearls, or dried mashed potatoes. You can also purchase these mashed potato products in #10 cans for storage, but they have a reduced shelf life due to the addition of oils and other ingredients.

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Potato Flakes: Ideas to Create Delicious Meals from Food Storage

Would you like to add potato flakes to your food storage? Try these suppliers.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Search for a Home Storage Center location to find one near you. Or visit the online store to have food storage delivered directly to your home. This is the least expensive option for purchasing potato flakes.

You can purchase potato flakes in #10 for long term storage on Amazon:

Future Foods –

Augason Farms carries a great variety of foods packaged for long term storage. Unfortunately, their supplier of potato flakes recently discontinued the product. You can still purchase other potato products packaged for long term storage from Augason Farms.

Valley Food Storage does not offer potato flakes but has a variety of freeze-dried basics (meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables) as well as just-add-water meals packaged in Mylar bags for long term storage.

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