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Dollar Tree Couponing Tip :) Some Prepper Items for SHTF scenarios included:)

Tip: Try to do Dollar Store sweep about once a week since they get new items in all the time and things can go fast. Since you never know what you might find at the Dollar Tree, it is a good idea to bring all your coupons with you.
Also at the Dollar tree this week ( forgot to show this) is Nesquick Chocolate milk dry powder mix – there was a coupon recently in a Sunday insert in the newspaper for 50 cents off “any” Nesquick product. This is another good prepper item since it stores well in powder form and is a solid source of vital calories in case the SHTF. Always be prepared and have enough on hand for yourself and others πŸ™‚
Check out my video on Unusual Uses for Dental Floss for Preppers πŸ™‚ at:

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