First look! Mora Garberg with Survival Kit – Watch this before you buy it!

Industrial Revolution handed the new Mora Garberg with Survival Kit to the Equip 2 Endure team to shoot the first review video for it. Here it is. We also checked out the Mora Eldris and Mora Companion Spark.

PRICE ALERT: Be advised that we don’t know where the final price will land at. Rusty took a guess but also acknowledged that we don’t know what the long term Amazon price will be.

Overall, we are impressed. The Garberg does not feel like your typical lightweight Mora. The mass gives a feeling of durability and confidence that the tool will hold up and serve its owner well for many years. The Survival Kit component of this package ads Fire production and tool maintenance capabilities. A solid, meant-for-work package.

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Mora Garberg with Survival Kit (

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0:00:00 Intro
0:00:35 Mora Garberg with Survival Kit Features and Impressions
0:04:40 Using the Mora Garberg
0:06:09 Mora Spark
0:06:40 Mora Eldris
0:07:30 Is the Mora Garberg with Survival Kit Worth It?

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