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The Prepper’s Guide to Securing Your Home

How do you fortify your home to against criminals today as well as desperate individuals and looters after disaster strikes? Start by conducting a home security audit and then use those results to secure your home by creating layers of protection that include creating physical barriers and deterrents, securing valuables, practicing operational security, and making your home look like an unappealing target.

While you can’t protect against every threat, you can make a substantial difference in the security of your home just by implementing a few of the strategies we discuss in this video.

Our goal is to be safe and protected in our homes. In order to achieve this, we must physically fortify our home against possible hazards including; criminals, periods of civil unrest, and desperate individuals; as well as manmade and natural disasters.

While it is impossible to protect your home from every threat, there are many things within your control you can do to fortify your home. In this video, we will discuss some helpful strategies that you can implement to harden your home against threats.

Be sure to visit the post this video was based on to learn more about securing your home. We include many more details and ideas that may interest you.

The Prepper’s Guide to Securing Your Home

Home Depot is a good resource for inexpensive security solutions.

Amazon can deliver quick solutions to secure your doors and windows with just a couple of days like these:

Buddy Door Jammer

Steel Security Door Bar

Solar Powered Motion Sensitive Security Lights

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