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2023 Seed Shopping: Discounted Seeds / Survival Gardening on a Budget #shorts #gardening #seeds

Journey with me as I go to my local Dollar Tree.

During the trip, I discovered items for a successful, cost-effective way to start seeds for spring planting 2023!

Survival gardening options for sure, but those Heirloom seeds are precious and can be the foundation of a successful garden for many years to come. Why? If the seeds are saved, they will produce true to seed, meaning the plant will taste the same!

What’s there?

– Heirloom Non-GMO vegetable seeds
– Regular herb and vegetable seeds, both Non-GMO
– Wildflower seeds
– Seed starting pots
– Planters / pots
– 100% organic soil alternative for seed starts, made from coconut, etc.

The price?
– Seeds: 4 for $1.00
– Pots / planters / soil alternative: $1.25

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