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How Effective Is Pepper Spray For Self Defense ?

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How Effective Is Pepper Spray For Self Defense For Self Defense? In this instructional video, Concealed Carry Magazine Executive Editor Kevin Michalowski explains the benefits — and dangers — of adding pepper spray to your everyday carry (EDC) load.

00:00 Kevin’s opening remarks on choosing pepper spray as a self-defense tool.
00:48 What is pepper spray?
01:00 Do pepper spray containers come in various sizes?
01:35 How do you use pepper spray?
02:05 Is pepper spray effective as a self-defense tool?
02:49 Examining the true efficacy of pepper spray in self-defense.
03:28 When should you use pepper spray instead of your handgun?
05:17 Don’t use pepper spray against a deadly assault unless it is your only option.
05:44 What different kinds of pepper spray are available?
06:48 Why does some pepper spray contain UV dyes?
07:13 Understand this: When you deploy pepper spray, you will most likely get some on yourself.
07:54 How to use pepper spray against an attacker.
08:22 After you spray an attacker, move off the X and try to escape to safety.
09:08 When carrying pepper spray as an alternative self-defense tool, try to avoid “weapon confusion.”

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