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Newbie Prepper Step 5 – Water Storage and Purification

Newbie prep step 5 is all about water. In this step, we explore best practices for emergency water storage and rotation, along with how to purify water to make it safe to drink.

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Newbie Prepper Ten Simple Steps to Get Started

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Calcium hypochlorite
Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment
Water Preserver Concentrate
Blue Water Cans
5-gallon water jug
WAPI (pasteurization indicator)
Polar Pure

Reading Assignment Links:

How to Store Water for Emergency Preparedness

Tips for Storing Water in a 55-Gallon Plastic Barrel

Emergency Water Filters: Guiding You Through the Maze

Emergency Water: 17 Potential Sources

Making Water Safe to Drink: 7 Disinfection Techniques

Water Storage Action Plan

Water Disinfection and Purification Action Plan

UV Rays Save the Day! Disinfecting Water With the Sun

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