Self Defense

Self Defense – Choke from the Rear

How to defend yourself from a choke from the rear.

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Self Defense – Releasing a Choke From the Rear

The defense is performed from a passive stance.

Since the attack comes from the rear, it’s likely that you won’t see it coming so you land right in a worst case scenario. The attacker has his hands around your neck and he’s putting pressure on your windpipe cutting of your body’s supply of oxygen.

The defense starts with bringing both your hands behind your head. You cup your hands to make hooks for the pluck.

– Rapidly move your hands in a downward motion around your neck. When you meet you attackers hands, grab them by the base of the thumb while you continue the downward motion.

– At the same time, step diagonally to the side of your attacker. This guide will describe the defense when you step to the left. If you step to the right, everything will be mirrored.

– The momentum of the pluck will release the choke.

– Hold the left hand of your opponent while you continue the downward motion with your right hand to strike the groin. Use an open palm for more surface area.

– After you hit the groin, immediately make a vertical elbow strike to the chin or the throat.

– Now you can release the wrist, take a step to the side, away from the attacker and make a side kick through the knee.

– If the threat is neutralized, scan your surroundings for more threats. If it’s safe, run home.

Read the disclaimer before performing any techniques

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