SHTF TACTICAL LOADOUT: Essential Survival Gear for Emergency Preparedness

Tim of T.Kell Knives discusses his ever changing gear setup for emergency preparedness . Are you ready? Things in the world are changing fast. Tim offers gear suggestions and tips for survival.
#shtf #survival #prepping

ALICE pack-check military surplus stores
T. Kell Mercenary Knife
O light BALDR mini pistol light
Use code Tim99 for discount

Space blanket
Wool blanket
Ham Radio
Blackbeard fire starters 10% OFF!
Water filter bag
Nitecore P20iX 4000 lumen Flashlight:
Dump Pouch:


Powertac Flashlight: use code for discount
Alien Gear Holsters:

Valley Forge Food Storage:

T.Kell Nightstalker

Tactical Bag on Plate Carrier

#prepping #gear #ww3
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