Jungle Survival Gear Review, Tips, & INCH Bag Dump

The true minimalist INCH bag.
Today’s video is my review of the professional wilderness survival gear that I keep in my bag ready to go on trips deep into the jungle. This is not a budget friendly list by any means, but I swear by all of these products and trust my life to them and have for years. This was a requested video from my viewers, and I hope it satisfies the curiosity, as well as provides some insights.

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I recommend Metfone, because 100GB of data is $8! Make sure to top up at a Metfone shop and tell them that you want the 100GB Data plan. Easy. Works as a hotspot for my PS4 and I’ve done plenty of laptop work and uploaded 4K videos straight from my phone with this plan. Metfone also has great signal out in the countryside and forests as opposed to Cell Card or SMART. In urban areas such as Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville, I would recommend going with SMART because they definitely have more reliable service including data in the city centers.

⭐️ Currency Conversion Chart:

⭐️ Where can your Khmer partner/spouse travel with you on their Cambodian passport?

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⭐️ My Favorite Archeology Tour:
Russian, Khmer, and English Speaking Archeologists.
Cambodia For You

⭐️ Kulen Elephant Forest:
A refuge for fostered Asian Elephants, with a tour, lunch, and transportation included.
tel: +855 86 444 602

⭐️ Elephant Valley Project:
A sanctuary for elephants and a volunteer opportunity for those with a heart for animals.

⭐️ Dolphin Kayaking Adventures:
Kayaking on the Mekong with Irrawaddy Dolphins

⭐️ Cheap but accredited TEFL:

⭐️ My Favorite Visa Agent (Siem Reap):
Bon Menghaung

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Smiling Frog Tours and Rentals

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⭐️ Angkor Pet Supplies (Siem Reap)
Angkor Pet សៀមរាប
tel: +855 11 313 231

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1) Cambly

2) Italki

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Angkor Vet Clinic
tel: +855 71 703 3337

⭐️ Legit dog breeder (Thailand, Cambodia):

⭐️ Food Panda app:

⭐️ Premium Tour Company with Private Yacht, Helicopter, and Jet (Sihanoukville)
Also SCUBA Diving and Jet Ski Rentals
Octavia Travel
tel: +855 093 787 815

⭐️ English teaching in-class:

1) Beltei (Phnom Penh)
tel: 023 999 986

2) ICS School (Phnom Penh)

3) Westgate School (Siem Reap)
tel: +855 15 904 455

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Visit the Phnom Tamao Zoological park:

⭐️ Animal Rescue:

⭐️ Place of Rescue: (Phnom Penh)
HIV non-profit group

⭐️ Butterfly Paradise: (Siem Reap)
non-profit shelter for children with HIV
Butterfly Paradise
+855 12 558 768

⭐️ US Veterans Affairs:

⭐️ UK Veteran Gateway:

⭐️ Australian Veteran Affairs:

⭐️ Wounded Warrior Project:

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