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Prepper Classroom, Episode 21: Food & Water, Part 2 to support the show and have access to TWO THOUSAND exclusive videos, livestreams, and giveaways! to find Bear swag, American-made durable goods, and links to Bear Independent’s Prepper Classroom! for the BEST first aid kits in the world. Guaranteed FOREVER, exceeds Mil-Spec, FORTY-EIGHT lives saved to date, and deployed on 4 continents. From your minivan to your Blackhawk, we’ve got you covered. for life-saving training including Stop the Bleed, CPR & AED, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, force on force scenario-based civilian training, and more! to support our ongoing efforts to combat human trafficking and assist those affected by natural disasters.

Other ways to support this YouTube channel, head over to AND BUY ME A COFFEE!

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