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review 15 prepper bulk foods from LDS Mormons-which is the best

Do you have a store of food in case of an emergency or SHTF situation? Why not? In 2014 I bought cases of food from the Mormon LDS website. Most of the food is good for 30 years. They come in sealed metal #10 cans except for the powdered milk which comes in heavy mylar bags and is good for 20 years.

Once you buy a supply of food storage you need to use it to make sure you like it and know how to prepare it. For the last 4 years, I have been experimenting with which of the foods I liked and which I will not reorder.
if you haven’t started storing a supply of food just think of it as food insurance. You may never need home or car insurance but it is good to have when you need it.

LDS food storage website

OvaEasy Powdered Whole Eggs (6-pack of 4.5 oz. bags)

I would also like to recommend a wonderful food storage book I have found very helpful.
How Much Wheat Am I Really Going to Eat?: Charting Your Way To Food Storage Success

This book is by Anne McFadden who has a lot of common sense food storage information.

If you are trying to figure out exactly how much food you will need for any length of time, Anne has charts that cover most basic foods to help you prepare and gauge how much food you will really need to store plus a ton of other great info that comes from real experience. Plus a lot of mistakes to avoid that will save you the price of the book many times over.

A few very special people have saved the Amazon link I will provide below. This is my link to my Amazon store where you can see stuff I have bought and liked a lot over the years. You do not have to buy anything from the store, just by using my link to enter Amazon anything you buy on Amazon will help me out at no cost to you. Didn’t you want to buy an island or jet aircraft on Amazon today?

I want to thank you guys again for showing up and watching me trying to have a little fun or show you something that might help you out. I made YouTube videos for fun years before they paid a penny and I will continue to do so as long as it is fun and you guys keep showing up.
see ya out there.
Robb Moffett
Robb’s Homemade life

The videos I am working on and should show up soon are :
the full review of the Taurus PT22,
a fishing invention that lets me surf fish for pennies without buying a surf rod and reel, making a lunchbox gun range case for my pistol,
testing FishGums artificial bait he so kindly sent me,
more of my usual unusual cooking videos,
maybe a 1994 Corolla repair video,
how to make money betting on politics on,
,…. or 15 ways not to get hemorrhoids, LOL.
let me know which ones you guys want to see the most.

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