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This week’s video I wanted to touch a bit on Survival systems. I get asked a lot to do more videos on survival subjects. They all want to know what I keep in my EDC, my bags, and in my vehicles. I preach that your best weapon & tool will always be the knowledge that you have up in your “brain housing box.” That said, it does help to have certain items, to make bad situations more bearable.
So, this week’s video will cover what I recommend you keep (at a minimum) in all the vehicles that your family has. To show that I “practice what I preach,” I am showing the bag that is kept in the trunk of my daughter’s car. Below you’ll find Amazon links to most of the items, to save you time hunting.

Old Book Bag (I used last year’s school bag)

Life Hammer- (Window Punch and seatbelt cutter) Buy these direct from Joe “The Knife Guy” 215-947-0200 or email him at and don’t forget to mention I sent you.

SPARE FUEL (Prototype: Seriously, this stuff was designed in the 1980s, but never took off. They are currently looking for new investors. If you have money and are interested in investing, please reach out to Jim, at

First Aid- (Basic Small Kit, that I then plus up from my own First Aid supplies)

I then stuff that plastic box into a good IFAK (I like RED, for ease to finding), along with all the good trauma gear that I covered in our IFAK video (found in video archive)


Battery Jump Starter (Don’t skimp… Get a good set)-

Tire Inflator-

Tire plug kit- (I then put this into the tire inflator case)

Emergency food rations- (Get the Coast Guard approved versions)

Space Blanket (Big Heavy-weight version)

Glock E-Tool- (I love this thing)

550 Cord (Need I say more?)-

Hand warmers

Leatherman Wave

Toilet Paper Travel Roll (or 3)

Water Purification

Ponchos (Trash Bags work better for me, but not the girls)

Hand Sanitizer

Old Sneakers (Buy new Hiking Shoes and put current ones in Bag, while they still fit)

That about covers it. I know there a tons more items to have in case of an emergency. Hell, my Jeep only gets 12.7 miles to the gallon of fuel, because of all the emergency gear I have inside. However, my daughter doesn’t need a high-lift jack or a CB radio. Her number one tool will still always be using her head and the knowledge that we have taught her. That, and having her father on Speed Dial.

Thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR.

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