Military Ammo Pouch Survival Kit! Military Survival Kit!

Designed to be a Grab-n-Go Kit, this kit is paired with a solid survival knife! The kit is lightweight and easy to carry or attach to load bearing equipment. Too Easy and Too Fun not to have! Enjoy

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ESEE 4 Knife:

Petzel Headlamp:

Small Magnets for a Concealed Compass:

Type 1 Paracord:

Leatherman Wave:

Mylar Blanket, “Don’t Die” Brand:

Signal Mirror:

Storm Proof Matches:

Match Safe:

Military Magnesium Bar:

100 MPH Tape:

Whirl-Pak Water Bags 36oz:

Water Tablets:

Ferro Rod:

VS-17 Panel:


Military Sewing Kit:

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