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Prepare for Food Shortages with LDS Prepper Pantry Foods that Don’t Expire for 30 Years!

With coming food shortages, I’m showing you how to shop at your local LDS Storehouse to find foods that don’t expire for 30 years! These are great additions to your stockpile and won’t be even close to expiration when you go to pick them up! You can also shop online for these items to help your prepare for food shortages.

Subscribe Now: Prepping is one of the best ways you can protect your family in a SHTF situation. As a Prepper you will be better able to provide and handle an emergency situation. Catastrophes do happen and Preppers help to ensure that their families are safe in the event of such a life changing situation. You can learn how to provide and protect your family and ensure that you will all be safe in the event of an emergency. If you learn more survival skills and make a plan you will significantly raise your survival rate.

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One of the best ways to add to your food storage and prepare for an emergency is to Freeze Dry Food, it provides a much longer shelf life than canned or dehydrated food, and is easy to incorporate to your daily life. The investment usually pays for itself, my choice is the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

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🚨★Emergency Supplies & Emergency Food Prep on Amazon ➨
Hidden Emergency Button in This Beautiful Gold Necklace (with ADT Monitoring & send emergency texts to your family with a few clicks of a button) INVISAWEAR❤️

Safety Wearable Device for Kids with GPS App for Parents 🆘 always know where your kids are with: AmberAlertGPS

🔦Eveready General Purpose LED Flashlight 2 Pack
🔦GearLight Waterproof LED Spotlight Flashlight
⛑Surviveware Comprehensive Premium First Aid Kit Emergency Medical Kit
🥖Wheat Grinder/ Mill
🏥First Aid Kit Emergency Response Trauma Bag
🍓Excalibur 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator
🥓Small Food Dehydrator with Adjustable Trays
🛄50pcs Mylar Bags for Food Storage With Oxygen Absorbers
🛄10 Mil Mega Thick 100 Mylar Bags for Food Storage
🌧Upcycle 55 Gallon Terra Cotta Rain Barrel
🛢Emergency Water Storage 5 Gallon Water Tank – 6 Tanks (30 Gallons)
🧯5 Pound Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher
🍲ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply 60 Servings of Meat Meals
☀️Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Portable Solar Panel

Safety Wearable Watches/ Medical Alert Buttons for Emergency Response Quickly- protect loved ones:

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