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4 Days SOLO WINTER Camp – IGLOO Build – CHAGA Harvesting – Snow Shelter – Snowfall

This video is about building a snow hut in the forest – IGLOO. There are some bushcraft skills – making a fire, harvesting chaga, preparing firewood, cooking over a fire. It turned out to be a mixed hike bushcraft – camping 🙂

On the first day, I could not finish building the roof of the shelter, as it took a lot of energy to get to the place through the snow-covered forest.
I didn’t have snowshoes or skis, and the snow was above the knee. Snow cover was not strong in places and fell through.
So I had to spend the night without her. Fortunately, there was neither snow or wind. I covered the entrance with a poncho tent and make a fire inside.

On the second day, I was finishing the igloo roof. It turned out to be not easy. I had no experience in building such a shelter as IGLOO.
I knew only one thing about him – you need to lay out the blocks in a spiral, like the shell of a snail. Perhaps the snow was too loose and therefore it was difficult. But I closed it.
And that was very helpful. By the evening of the second day, a heavy snowfall with wind began.
I cooked on fire a piece of meat, drink hot chaga tea and went to bed.

The third day was the coldest.
On this day, I managed to cut down a window of ice for my snow shelter. I also made bed in igloo, covered it with fir branches. The table inside the snow hut was also carved out of ice. I also built a vestibule at the entrance. Now it has become quite comfortable and good.
That day I had dinner already inside my snowy forest shelter – an igloo.

The fourth and final day of my winter solo hike has come.
I cut down the chaga, which I noticed on a birch tree near my camp, processed it and chopped it into pieces.
I brewed tea from fresh chaga. These pieces can be brewed more than once, so I took them with me.
Gathering up, I set off on the way back.

Thanks for watching!

Disclaimer: This video is not intended to be a guide and is filmed for entertainment purposes only. The author does not recommend repeating the actions shown in this video and is not responsible for the consequences. It can be life threatening.

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