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Crisco candle room heating | Power Outage Room Heating | 9 hour test

Crisco candle room heating in a Power Outage Room Heating / 9 hour test ….. I Tested it DID IT WORK?????
I have had many people ask about room testing with this crisco candle heating method … they wanted to know if there was an emergency maybe a winter power outage. If during a winter power outage during an emergency will this method keep them alive vs freezing to death?

Well I did the crisco candle room heating test for you, acting out a power outage room heating scenario. A 9 hour test. These 72 day crisco candles do burn for a very long time…

And in a power outage a emergency power outage and you a solution before freezing to death, follow all safety protocols including carbon monoxide and smoke detector and a source of fresh air, never perform any of these scenarios with our all safety steps in place.

Knowing how to perform power Outage Room Heating is a great emergency power outage thing to know. Crisco candle room heating in a power outage heating is what we are showing how it works with heat turned off and the temp dropping . Crisco candle room heating.

It is a way to have winter power outage heat. thats rite emergency heat power outage, It is a cold weather room heating tip andother power outage room heating way of staying alive. Now you can make some crisco candles and have a emergency heat power outage option.

How to make Crisco candles:

Natural Medicine in the woods video :

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