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Metro: Last Light Ranger Hardcore Playthrough / Walkthrough Part Five (Survivalist)

Ranger Mode is DLC available for Metro: Last Light. It offers you the chance to play the game in a much more difficult environment where ammo is hard to come by, enemies kill you in an instant, you have no HUD or on screen prompts. The Mode is designed to give you the ultimate Metro: Last Light challenge. The good news is that enemies die easier too, including mutants! You are only able to have two weapons during this mode, I strongly suggest getting the pistol you can find to earn the ‘A Present’ Trophy and then the Shambler Shotgun as soon as you can get it. I got the shotgun at the very start of bandits, before getting back on the rail-car there is a Shambler behind you near some human remains.

The final part of the Ranger Hardcore Walkthrough gets a bit tricky at times. The last chance you have to stock up before the final chapter is on Depot which is in the previous video to this. Make sure at that point you have stocked up on ammo and claymores! The first tricky chapter in this part is Red Square, it is your boss fight with Pavel. Rather than explain it just go to the timestamp for Red Sqaure and watch how I pass the Pavel fight pretty easily, you just need to do as I do. Make sure you save your claymores for the bear fight on the Garden chapter and that will be a piece of cake. Once again, throughout the chapters pick up any air filters that you see. When you reach the final chapter you will be able to pick what weapons you want and have unlimited ammo lying around. I made good use of the Sniper for the tank and then the Machine Gun for the flame thrower guy.



The Dead City (00:11)
Red Square (03:52)
The Garden (15:28)
Polis (24:32)
D6 (33:03)

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