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10 Places in Washington You Should NEVER Move To

Move to these places and you’re gonna regret it big time!

Washington. When you think of the Evergreen State you probably think about mountains, Starbucks and a whole lot of rain…right? And, while there are a lot of opportunities here in Washington – home to both Amazon and Microsoft headquarters – and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking, there are also a lot of places to steer clear from. The places you don’t want to live…

We’ve looked at a wide range of data, including crime rates, unemployment rates, poverty, education and more. Plus, we took into account YOUR opinion – that’s right – you Washingtonians have a lot to say about which places in your states are great and which are not so great. And, while Washington State is home to Bob Barker…he’s not saying come on down to these 10 places. Let’s begin, shall we?

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