SHTF Tactical Loadout 2022. Be Prepared. Essential Survival Gear for Emergency Preparedness

Tim Kell from T. Kell knives discusses why the changing times warrants you to have a SHTF setup at the ready. Whether you plan for it or not, if something happens like what’s in the news in another country then you will as an able bodied male 18-50 be called to fight. Should you have gear to be a better combatant?
*Yes, I said clips. I misspoke. Humans do this sometimes. I know the difference between clips and magazines.*

*Yes, I mixed up the wylde barrels usage. I misspoke….again.*

Savior Equipment range bag-

ALICE pack-check military surplus stores

Much of the gear including plate carrier and battle belt were purchased on Amazon.

Mercenary Fixed Blade Knife:

Black Beard Fire Starters 10% off

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