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Prepping for SHTF! Prepper Pantry Tips to Help You Get Stocked NOW!

In this video, I am sharing my tips and tricks to stocking in your prepper pantry! My community members came through with their tips too! I can talk all day about the prepper pantry! This was a fun video to make and I love showing off my prepper pantry too. This pantry is 10 years in the making, so don’t compare yourself to me! We are where we are in our journey of preparedness! I had a pretty awful setback! I had a jar break a seal and get infested with maggots! GROSS! I was able to clean that out and get everything set to rights.

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Welcome to The Biggs Prep! The intention of this channel is to share all things prepping. Mr Biggs and I have been in the preparedness game a long time. Prepping is a huge passion of ours. It is a marathon and not a sprint. We are always up for learning something new and sharing our experience too. We share our thoughts on current events and how we are responding to them with a preparedness mindset.

We live in the middle of the Ocala National Forest. Prepping is a part of our everyday life. Hunting, gathering, foraging and gardening is always on the agenda. I love doing prepper pantry shopping hauls! I’m all about prepper skills too! I am not a prepping expert. I am only sharing what we do and how we are preparing for all sort of different scenarios.

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