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SHTF Full Review – Survivalist, Survival, Preparedness, You Need This

SHTF – S*** Hits The Fan Full Review. Click Here to Access Be a survivalist and prepared for whatever is coming and protect yourself and your family in the new dawn.

You have to be prepared to be a survivalist and that preparation needs to start now, preparedness and survival are paramount to what is approaching and if you are not prepared you will not survive!

The SHTF Event We All Prep For is What Folks 150 Years Ago Called “Daily Life”: The survivalist nature of normal people.
…no electrical power, no refrigerators, no Internet, no computers, no TV, no hyperactive law enforcement, and no Safeway or Walmart.
They got things done or else we wouldn’t be here! They were natural survivalist because they had to be.
In this short article, I will unearth a long-forgotten secret that helped our ancestors survive famines, wars, economic crises, diseases, droughts, and anything else life threw at them… a secret that will help you do the same for your loved ones when America crumbles into the ground and it becomes your time to survive. You need to be prepared and become a survivalist starting as soon as possible.
I’m also going to share with you three pioneer lessons that will ensure your children will be well fed when others are rummaging through garbage bins. In fact, these three old teachings will improve your life immediately once you hear them. You need to be a survivalist and always be prepared.
My name is Claude Davis.
You may have seen my warnings in the media. But few of you know me personally. My story is emotionally heavy, with struggles and disappointments but also with faith in God and a strong will to survive that finally led to my being here…. I want to show you how to be a survivalist.
So pay close attention because this video will change your life for the good! Let me teach you how to become a survivalist.
Lesson No. 1: Don’t Take Anything for Granted!
My grandfather came to America from Ukraine just before World War 2 and started a small farm in Texas. But before that, when he was only 12 and still in Ukraine, he survived a horrific famine. Out of the one hundred families that lived on his street, only 20 people lived to tell the tale.
These are not the way you need have to act to be a survivalist.
Another neighbor wrote a petition to the authorities. Here is just a paragraph:
“Please return the grain that you have confiscated from me. If you don’t return it, I’ll die. I’m 78 years old, and I’m incapable of searching for food by myself.”
Of course, nobody cared. In a crisis, it is everyone for himself! Although…in many cases, families did still remain families. Just after the winter, when there was absolutely nothing to eat, my grandfather, together with his mother, went to the nearest town where the government had established a soup kitchen.
Unfortunately, the 25-mile long journey was too much for his mother. After just five miles, she couldn’t walk anymore.
My grandfather noted in his journal:
“Mother said, ‘Save yourself; run to town.’ I turned back twice; I could not bear to leave my mother, but she begged and cried, and I finally went for good.”
I don’t know about you…but I’m a father myself, and when I read these things, I burst into tears.
Please allow me to take a wild guess without getting mad at me… Your life’s not perfect – but at least you have a computer or a mobile device to read this article on. Your fridge is probably half full – and while you have your problems, starvation is not one of them. And even though your job or retirement could be more enjoyable… you probably have enough money to at least get by.
And that’s great!
But make no mistake taking this for granted, you need to be a survivalist!
History has shown us many times that it can all fly away in a split of a second.
The biggest misstep that you can take now is to think that this can never happen in America or to you!
You need to take action now and discover how to be the survivalist that you need to be and prepare for what is coming.

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