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You Need To Know This Survival TIP!

Now you don’t have to be prepping or be part of some type of preppers group or B into emergency preparedness for this type of tip to be beneficial to you, for anyone who is at a gas station and comes under a threat of a car Jacker or anything else knowing that you can spray The threat with gasoline and most likely detour a life-threatening situation is super important to know, this visual gives you a sense of emergency preparedness knowing that that could be a type of defense which could save your life or save your car from getting jacked. Like I said prep are not this type of survival tip could definitely help you with prepping and being prepared for any life-threatening situation, this could save your life in a SHTF situation this is a survival tip a great life hack survival hacks a prepping tip all these prepper tips could help you in an any day situation especially SHTF tips like this in a SHTF situation emergency preparedness skills are super important, In this video it shows a guy spraying carjackers with gasoline it shows a man spraying a van at a gas station with gas, the defensive skill and reaction from this guy potentially could’ve saved his life from the bad guys.

Knowing self-defense tips is key because you never know what type of SHTF encounter or SHTF crisis you will be up against; now not only could this be used for preppers or Prepping tip but it even comes in handy as urban defense. If you watch other preppers like Canadian prepper, he shows many useful skills on defense tactics, this defense tactic could be used by anyone with only needing to know the knowledge that you could use the gasoline and spraying it from a gas station at the perpetrators and know that it’s highly effective in saving your life in a life-threatening situation, so if you like proper tips emergency preparedness tips survival tactics, Keep watching prepping channels to learn more especially Riverside Homestead Life

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