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Prepper SHTF Haul 3/4/23

This is a summary of the products I obtained for my post SHTF or TEOTWAWKI Survival Pantry
There is also a box of ammo but I just didn’t want to mention the caliber – they are jacketed hollow points

Radiation Survey Meter combo Geiger counter and dosimeter
Detector,Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector,Anti Radiation Dosimeter, Ready-to-Go Portable Radiation Detector
Harmony House Vegetable Sampler
Mira Safety Food Detoxifier DTX-1

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Berkey Water Filters
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Valley Food Storage
Augason Farms
Can Cooker
which does mean I get a small commission should you decide to use one of my links.

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Tuesday Non Fiction Survival Book Club – Tuesday evenings 8PM Central –
March 2023 – Decline and Decay: Strategies for Surviving the Coming Unpleasantness by A American & Alan Kay

Thursday Fiction Book Club Last Thursday of the month 8PM C
Mar 2023 Resurrecting Home Book 5 The Survivalist Series by A American
Apr 2023 Enforcing Home Book 6 of the Survivalist Series by A American
May 2023 Avenging Home Book 7 The Survivalist Series by A American
Jun 2023 Home Invasion Book 8 The Survivalist Series by A American
Jul 2023 Conflicted Home Book 9 The Survivalist Series by A American
Aug 2023 Home Coming Book 10 The Survivalist Series by A American
Sep 2023 Engineering Home Book 11 – The Survivalist Series by A American

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