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5 TIPS💲FOR FOOD STORAGE 🛒 & MEAL PLANNING #prepper #shtf #longtermfoodstorage

Here are 5 Tips for food storage and meal planning. These are things I’ve learned that have served me well. Are there any others that you have learned along the way? Leave it in the comments section for the community to enjoy! God bless! #prepping #preparedness #stockup

0:00 Intro
0:36 #1 Food Your Family Enjoys Eating
3:23 #2 Food That Cooks Quickly
4:56 #3 Food That Meets Your Caloric Needs
6:28 #4 Food W/ At Least A 1+ Yr Shelf-life
7:21 #5 Food That Can Be Easily Stored & Stacked

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