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Ep 04 | Castaway | Best survivalist movie ever? Ft. Srinivas Kulkarni

Srinivas Podcast:
Castaway is one of the best movies that shows what would happen to a modern man if he was left to defend himself and the system of society was not in place? But is it? Is it as great as it is claimed to be?
Also, Srinivas is a cool guy, who grows his own vegetable in his garden, loves to travel, one day wants to live in the foothills of Himalayas, live a life of self, his podcast has great stories that he has come across during his travel, they are uplifting and give a glimpse in the lives of people who live in raw away places, live very different lives than us and it’s a breath of fresh air to know about that, hence I highly recommend that you check his podcast out.
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