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Because they were too poor to marry a daughter-in-law, the two brothers ended up covering #villa

Because they were too poor to marry a daughter-in-law, the two brothers ended up covering each other with their bare hands
Villa, the girl broke through the gate of his house!


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Two brothers had been raised in poverty and to save each other from being punished by their father, they had covered each other with their bare hands.

The two brothers covered each other’s bare hands with clay to signify the end of their poverty. Villa, which means “palace” in Spanish, is a story about the myth and symbolism of family.

A villa is a type of housing, which is an enlarged version of a small house. Usually, it is located in one area of a garden and very close to a pool and a large building. It may also be decorated with expensive furniture and different types of art. A typical villa is built over four floors or more. Living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens are located on the ground floor or basement, while bathrooms and bedrooms are usually on the first floor.

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Because the two brothers were too poor to marry a wife, they finally built a villa with bare hands, and the girl broke through his #wildhouse

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