HOMECOMING! – Episode 15 – 1790's Survival Series

The cabin is finally finished and he begins to make preparation to head back to Tennessee. Come along and experience the sights and sounds of the 18th century!

A big thanks to Geoff Baggett, the minister, and all the others who acted in the church scene, Scott Mandrell and the crew for letting us use the flatboat for filming, and Abigail, Elisabeth, Molly and Katherine for playing the part of the family!

Also a big thanks to Camp Kern for letting us use their excellent cabin and facilities. For more information go to:

Links for the previous episodes and supporting videos:

Intro to The 1790’s Survival Series:

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Episode 2 – The Fort – 1790’s Survival Series:

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1790’s Frontier Kit – What Am I Carrying? :

My18th Century Fishing Kit –

Poem: I’m Proud To Be An American –

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