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Fallout's Lost & Forgotten Factions (Van Buren) | Van Buren Fallout 3 Lore Non-Canon

Van Buren was extremely close to being completed and released, becoming the 3rd mainline Fallout game. But in the end it was canceled along with a lot of ideas for new factions.

In this video we explore those lost and forgotten factions and how they went on to influence later ones within New Vegas and the actual Fallout 3

These are the cut factions from Van Buren aka Fallout 3.

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0:00 – Introduction/History Of Van Buren
2:11 – 215 Rail Line Powder Gang
4:41 – 3-Some Caravan
7:24 – Blackfoot Tribe
10:28 – Boulder Scientists
12:11 – Circle Of Steel
14:31 – Jackals & Daughters Of Hecate
18:35 – Iron Rivers
20:23 – Denver Scavengers
22:54 – Scaven-Pickers
25:15 – Summary
26:52 – Credits

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