Solo SURVIVAL/BUGOUT Bag Packing—Everything You Should Need To Survive IF/WHEN THINGS FALL APART!

A complete breakdown of what knives, gear, and equipment I’m playing around with as I learn through trial and error what is and is not essential in an “end of the world” survival scenario. Or, more likely, this kit could save my or someone else’s life if I were to be injured in the woods or stranded on the side of the road during a massive snowstorm or hurricane, for example.

Whatever happens, the ultimate goal of course is to be as prepared and equipped as possible with the least amount of gear as possible. Knowledge and experience is far more valuable than a 60 lbs bag full of kit could ever be… so that’s why I’m going to spend some time in the woods suffering and figuring it out for myself.

Time Stamps:

00:00 Intro
04:10 Backpacks and Ruck
05:55 Clothing Layers & Warm Gear
11:18 Knives, Tools, Saws, Axes, etc.
17:06 Wildlife Defence & Hunting Tools
22:00 Shelter & Sleeping Gear
25:25 Water & Water Purification
27:33 Food Supply
28:17 Hygiene
29:37 Medical/First Aid Supplies
32:40 Cordage, Flagging Tape, Chemlights
35:05 Navigation, Lights, Batteries, Miscellaneous Kit
38:36 Books/Knowledge
42:40 Kit Review & Final Kit Selection
45:17 Final Kit Layout and Conclusion

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