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list of possible items that may be included in a camping survival kit:

1. Tent
2. Sleeping bag
3. Portable stove
4. Lighter or matches
5. Water filter or purifier
6. Waterproof matches or fire starter
7. First aid kit
8. Compass or GPS device
9. Map of the area
10. Pocket knife
11. Multi-purpose tool
12. Emergency blanket
13. Headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries
14. Whistle
15. Insect repellent
16. Sunscreen
17. Hat or cap for sun protection
18. Water bottle or hydration system
19. Food and snacks
20. Cord or rope
21. Duct tape
22. Personal hygiene items
23. A waterproof poncho
24. Cash or credit card
25. Emergency signal mirror.
Remember that the items included in your survival kit will depend on factors such as the length of your camping trip, the climate of the area, and the type of activities you plan to do.

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