UPDATED! Green Beret's Ultralight Bug Out Bag with Gear Recommendations

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You won’t believe how light this bug out bag is! Former Army Ranger and Green Beret gives you a look inside his personal go bag. The original video is rapidly approaching 3 million views in two years, so it was time to show what updates I have made since. This is essential bug out bag gear for 2020! We think you will enjoy this video of the updated Green Beret’s Ultralight Bug Out Bag with gear recommendations!

In addition to seeing the packing list described in this video, you will see exactly what brands and items he chooses for his own emergency preparedness.

This is an EXTREMELY high-quality kit, which should be expected for the one bag that is meant to possibly last the rest of your life. See gear recommendations from outstanding companies from someone who has actually used them in the field: Mystery Ranch Backpacks, Helikon-Tex, SnugPak, TITAN Survival, MSR, ExoTac, North American Rescue Products, Grayl, Sawyer, Katadyn, Rite in the Rain, Suunto, Wazoo Survival Gear, Princeton Tec, Morakniv, Leatherman, and more.

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The decision to Bug Out is not one that comes lightly, and of course your primary plan should be to Bug In first. Stay bugged in until it is no longer safe for you and your family to do so. Bug Out Bag contents vary depending on who you are getting your information from. If you have ever wondered what’s inside a Green Beret Bug Out Bag, this is your chance. Nothing but what should be considered bug out bag essentials (or go bag essentials if you prefer to call it that) for survival, with none of the fluff that makes it too heavy to carry far.

When I say this go bag is Ultralight, I mean that by definition, and not in the context of the ultralight backpacking industry. It is extremely lightweight in comparison to other Bug Out Bags. Is this the best bug out bag for you and your family? That is for you to decide.

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