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Where to get Seeds | Survival Garden Seeds Giveaway (closed)

How and where do I get the seeds that I grow? Find out all about different ways to swap seeds and where I like to order seeds from.

GIVEAWAY WINNER: Lisa K @lisak9013

for 10% off of the Garden, Homesteader or Farm Collections

Group seed swaps:

0:00 Intro
0:31 Seed storage
1:35 Seed swaps
4:30 Floret Flowers
4:45 Botanical Interests
5:30 Uprising Seeds
6:00 Johnnys
6:16 Baker Creek
7:02 High Mowing seeds
9:15 Experimental Farm Network
10:32 Second Generation Seeds
11:25 Territorial Seeds
11:42 Survial Garden Seeds

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