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Economic Preppers – Weekly Update!

Three guys talking about escaping the current dollar-centric financial system through precious metals ( #Gold and #Silver), cryptocurrency ( #Bitcoin), real estate and other assets, along with general prepping for what is likely to come!

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US News and Financials (DXY, Real Estate – Possibly Local Stories)

New York – President 45 News:

Election Interference:

World News and Financials (BRICS, Europe, China, Russia, etc.)

France on Fire:

Issue = retire at 64, not 62

What happened (de-dollarization) last week:

World Reserve Currency:

Oil Cuts:

George Gammon on dollar decline:

More on the US Dollar:

Gold / Silver / PM / Prepping

Read a prepper list to get your mind going:

Crypto (Bitcoin) / Crypto (Altcoin)

Bitcoin – are we too late?

BTC whitepaper on mac

Release on 4/12:

Last time for a major release was Sept (insert chart)

History / Local Stories / Woo Woo

Federal Reserve – who owns it?

And finally…..


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