Survival Gardening

Survival Gardening: 5 Things You Need To Know, and What “They” Aren't Telling You.

#Gardening #Permaculture #Agroforestry

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Do you ever get the impression that some content simply exists as some sort of ‘info-mertial’, and only serves to persuade the viewer into buying more junk that they really do not need? Rampant consumerism might be all well and good, but if staying alive is what is at stake .. wouldn’t you rather have REAL, USEFUL information, not just another commercial? Heck, WE would!

:01 I Have A Lazy Cat
1:00 Introduction
1:25 Number One – Know Your Zone!
2:26 Number Two – Buy Seeds That Are Appropriate For Your Location
5:44 Number Three – Plant Calories FIRST!
7:55 Number Four – Don’t Wait To “Bug Out” .. Move To A Survivable Location BEFORE SHTF
11:25 Number Five – Practice Growing Your Garden BEFORE You Have To Rely On It
13:25 Recap
15:05 BONUS TIP Number Six – Forest Gardening For Long Term Sustainability

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